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Cheki from the holiday concerts at Fab in December 2007.

The top left is Jasmine You with someone. Next is Mikage and Yuki. In the middle is Kamijo and Kaya. The bottom are Hizaki and Juka/Shaura. I was so happy with my cheki luck that night!

All the Lareine and Versailles picks I caught. Sadly I never managed to catch one from Masashi.

Another thing I found was my Miss Carmila box set. This was hard to get! I think we had to preorder it to be able to pick it up at the concert? Or maybe we ordered it at the concert and it came in the mail later? I don’t even remember…

It came with a VHS tape of messages from the members, sheet music for the song “Miss Carmila,” a photo pamphlet, and a cross necklace. I can’t read music and still don’t know what this version sounds like. The photo book is fragile; I remember being surprised at the time that the pages were coming loose even though it was brand new.

The last picture is a closeup of the cross pendant, along with my Fleur membership ring, and 2 beads from Emiru’s Never Cage costume. Emiru ripped one of the strands loose during a concert while he was swinging his bass, and the beads scattered all over the stage and rolled into the audience area, where I picked them up afterwards.

I was poking around the closet in my mother’s house and found a box of my stuff. I had thought all my old VK stuff had been placed in storage when I went to Japan, but I must have saved this box out as being special. It had some old Lareine tour pamphlets! I got one or two of them secondhand from Third Stage way back, and maybe the other one was a leftover that I got at the Miss Carmila concerts? Most of the pictures in them have been shown elsewhere, so while they’re nice collectors items I wouldn’t say they’re must-haves for Lareine fans.


why is almost everyone in the versailles/kamijo fandom like 382 years old

Because he’s still making good music that we like?  When I first started to like him, both he and I were 23.  That part is really normal, being in your early 20s and liking a musician of your generation.  He was a songwriter as well as a singer, and he seemed intelligent and forward-thinking in his interviews, so I thought there was definitely potential for me to like him for a long time.  I didn’t expect “a long time” to turn out to be 16 years!  (LOL)  But yeah, a lot of the fans I knew from back then still like him.  I still see people I met at my first concert (2000) around either at his current concerts or leaving messages for him on twitter or facebook.

But also Kamijo has always had a lot of older fans.  Even when he was in his early 20s, he was gentlemanly and acted mature, so he attracted fans of all ages. He’s still doing that.  Some of the fans I know are at least in their late 50s, if not 60s.  Some people at events are children — like, 8 years old.   And he is really nice, always.  No matter how young or old a fan is, or where they come from, or how they’re dressed, he’s always kind, respectful, and gracious.

Found this buried in my computer.  It’s from the Scarlet Majesty period.  Lareine had a big story with a huge cast of characters for that release.  There was a poster in Shoxx with a story intro, chronology, and photos and descriptions of all the characters.  Adeyto was a nun.

Found this buried in my computer.  It’s from the Scarlet Majesty period.  Lareine had a big story with a huge cast of characters for that release.  There was a poster in Shoxx with a story intro, chronology, and photos and descriptions of all the characters.  Adeyto was a nun.

I wish the earlier me understood work and practice more. Just the repeated concerted effort to get better at things. I wish I didn’t have the notions of talent and genius I had back then. I thought, “Oh, these other people, they just have something that I don’t have.” When really, they are just people who work more.

I wish I understood work. Work is the key to anything you want to do. If you want to play the guitar—anybody can learn to play the fucking guitar—you can be good at it. Maybe you won’t get to be a genius but you could be good.

You can be good enough to write good songs or make a good film or whatever. There’s no such thing as not having enough talent to get to that level. I mean, persistence is talent, really. Just sticking with it. Talent is not stopping.


Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson adds to our ongoing archive of sage advice with these words of wisdom to his younger self

Or, as a wise woman put it, Work as hard as you can, imagine immensities, don’t compromise, and don’t waste time. Start now. Not 20 years from now, not two weeks from now. Now.”

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Kamijo World reception party (2013/01/26)

This actually happened nearly a whole year ago. I started trying to write a report of it for fans who couldn’t attend, but I got distracted before I felt like it was finished, and then I forgot about it… Anyway, I found it again today, and thought I might as well post what I have.

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Sep 6

The Wondrous World of Amisbro: my post-livestream report


As a great man once said (and did tonight as well)

"Bonjour Honey!"

Well l got there like an hour early cos I know I wasn’t missing this to save my life! To get to see the man that, in many ways, kept me from giving up on music in person I seriously had butterflies as the time ticked closer to…

I’m pretty sure he was talking about you. I saw your comment about “emeraude” but didn’t notice what you had for your avatar, so I was surprised when he suddenly mentioned you and started talking about “Fuyu Tokyo.” He said the first part of your username, the “ami~” part, but the rest of the name was too complicated. :)

gabespf's weeaboo domain: romancekakumei: aetyihoetre: I actually liked the new Kamijo release,...





I actually liked the new Kamijo release, so I tried supporting him, but his songs are not available on itunes and Amazon Japan doesn’t take my money.. so yeah fuck it. I liked it, but there’s no way i’m paying 30 bucks for that.

It’s available on…

That’s a problem!  It’s probably just a careless oversight but his management needs to have this brought to their attention.  I’m sure they’re not intentionally slighting Canada.  I’m going to Kamijo’s instore events this weekend so I’ll try to flag down somebody on staff to tell them.

Oh that’s awesome, thank you ^^. It’s rare that I feel like supporting artists from visual kei, but I think this new single was really worth it

It occurred to me they might forget something said verbally, so I just sent a message via the “inquiries to management” form on his website. I looked around various countries’ iTunes and although it’s available in so many places from New Zealand to Latvia, there are a few giant holes. In addition to Canada, it’s missing from South Korea, China, and Mexico.  They clearly tried to make it available internationally, but it looks like somewhere along the way there was a mistake or delay.  I hope they’ll be able to get it cleared up.